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Director's Address

A School is really a place of learning and learning is not just about academics subjects and preparing for examinations. Learning is also about ourself and the world about living with dignity in an increasingly corrupt and violent world. Learning in this wider sense is a delicate and complex task, requiring a relationship of empathy, trust, sensitivity and affection between teacher and taught.
Really, it is a ‘red-letter-day’ for the residents of the locality of Ritauli-Baland and the other neighbouring villages, when HDPS opens its long awaited doors of education in these areas.
It is also a ‘dream come true’ for me to that I can now be able to serve my own soil. I am thankful to the parents, who provide readers their valuable co-operation and willing support for bringing-up this new venture in this area.

These are the important areas of challenging and I have every expectation that HDPS will meet you.

Mr. Satyadev Sigroha, Director