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President's Address

New aspirations, higher goals and great zeal to achive more, is the spirit, which is going to mark the beginning of the session 2012-13. I strongly feel as Shakespeare puts it "Each human being brings to this world some special gifts, which need careful nurturing these inborn potential and at HDPS Baland, we attempt to nurture these in inborn, inherited and acquired talents of childrens. Creativity is a never ending search to make life better. The best platform is provided to the students, so that they feel motivated and inspired to learn and explore on their own through practical, individual and they remain in them forver, passing from one generation to the other.
I am thankful to the parents, who provide reades their valuable co-operatiion and willing support for bringing-up this new venture in this area. Their support has given us strenght to our endeavours and added wings to our efforts. Our desire for further improvement continue along with our faith in our principles.

Mr. Suresh Nehra, President